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Emergency information

If you have an emergency which occurs outside of office hours then you may use the following 24 hour contact numbers:

  • Wayne -Aqua Property Services- 07703658035
  • Mark- MSM Locksmiths- 07568406176
  • Andy- Alexander Ritchie Plumbers- 07813617552 (Andy will be on annual leave 5pm on 15th March and return to work 8am 24th)
  • Owen Gibb & Sons – Dale 07725565079 (Gas, central heating and plumbing)

In the event that you cannot get hold of any of the above, please use the internet to source a suitable 24 hour recommended tradesman, should you have to pay for the service in the interim, Ben Property will reimburse you should the fault be deemed a landlord responsibility and also deemed an emergency.

If, at any time, you smell gas you must open all the windows, shut off the gas supply at the meter, call Transco on 0800 111 999, and avoid naked flames and all other ignition sources.

Emergency call outs are charged at double time so, before calling them out, you must be sure that the situation is an emergency otherwise you could be liable for the charge.

You will also be charged if you are responsible for the call out. For example, if you lose your key and require a locksmith to gain entry to your property, you will be liable for their call out, labour and material costs.

If you require a household appliance to be repaired, please wait until the office is open to report the fault as repairs to appliances are not classed an emergency.

Further contact in case of emergency.