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All our properties are thoroughly inspected prior to tenants moving in and, as a tenant, you will be expected to look after the property as if it were your own. However, maintenance issues can arise whilst tenants are residing there and it is your responsibility to notify our maintenance department of any problems during your tenancy.

On contacting our maintenance department, please give a clear and concise description of the problem and, in the case of a faulty appliance, please have details of the make, model and serial number to hand.

Please note that, in some cases, the landlord’s permission may have to be sought for repairs or replacements. In these circumstances we will proceed as quickly as possible to minimise unnecessary disruption to our tenants.


The responsibility for maintenance issues are not always that of the landlords. As a tenant, you must take proper care of the property and you are required to inform us in good time if works are required, otherwise you could be held negligent if you do not.

Tenant’s responsibility

Stair cleaning

Often this will be carried out on a rota with the occupiers of the other flats unless the block is looked after by a factoring company.

Washing machine/dishwasher

The filters must be cleaned regularly and washing machines must never be overloaded. Alien items (e.g. coins, metal objects) must never be loaded into a washing machine.

Light bulbs/smoke alarm or carbon monoxide batteries

These must be changed by the tenants and left in working order on checkout unless we are advised to the contrary within three days of moving in.


As with light bulbs, these are the tenants’ responsibility to replace.

Hoover/vacuum cleaner

Always check the hoover bag and that there are no blockages before reporting a fault.

Blocked drains

Never try and put food stuffs or hygiene items down a plug hole or toilet otherwise they will become blocked.

Mould in the bathroom

This is because of poor ventilation and a lack of heat. Tenants must keep the bathroom free of a build up of condensation. Open the window and door if necessary, always leave the extractor fan on, if fitted, and use the radiator or towel rail where available. If you notice any mould or a build up of condensation in the bathroom you must report it to us immediately.

Pilot lights

Always read the instructions, usually located on the inside panel, on how to re-light the pilot light before contacting us.

Toilet seat

If it becomes loose you must tighten the screws before they break.

Vermin control

It is the tenants’ responsibility to keep the premises clean and the floors free of foodstuffs and bin bags otherwise mice, especially in the autumn, will enter the property in search of food and warmth. Try to block up the hole using wire wool and ‘duck’ tape where they are entering the property or set a humane trap.

As a tenant, you will be liable for the costs of repairing the above if the problem is deemed to be your fault.

Landlord’s responsibility


In the first instance, the tenant should always try and clear blockages using either a plunger or a strong drain cleaner. If there is a leak, try and minimise the flow of water, or use a bucket to catch it, and then contact us immediately. If the leak is originating from your flat, turn off the water at the stop cock (usually located by the utility meters or under the kitchen sink) immediately. If the leak is from a neighbouring property, tenants should inform them as soon as possible and they should call out their own plumber. If the tenant cannot make contact with that neighbour and the water leak is becoming excessive, the tenant should contact our maintenance department to inform them of the leak. Alternatively, contact the Council on 0131 200 2000 and they will arrange for the police to force entry to the property to stop the leak. Tenants must not attempt to stop a leak from a neighbouring property.

Tenants must report all leaks to us so we can arrange to inspect the damage.


All boiler (heating or water) related problems should be reported to us and we will arrange for them to be fixed as soon as possible. If, at any time, you smell gas you must open all the windows, shut off the gas supply at the meter, call Transco on 0800 111 999, and avoid naked flames and all other ignition sources.


If the washing machine, hoover, dishwasher, shower, oven etc break down we will endeavour to get these repaired as soon as possible. However, please bear in mind that an appliance, which is covered by a guarantee, might take longer to repair.

Communal Areas

As a rule of thumb, all new build properties will have a factoring company that looks after the roof, stairs, entryphone, garden and general well-being of the building, and all traditional tenements will not. Where this is a factoring service provided, we will contact them on the tenants’ behalf regarding any issues.