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North West Circus Place, Tollcross(226679)

Grigor Drive, Crewe Toll(226557)

Howe Street, New Town(226484)

Palmerston Place, West End(226454)

Leopold Place, Hillside(226295)

Hugh Miller Place, Stockbridge(226263)

84 Dundas Street, New Town(226200)

Dundas Street, New Town(226144)

The Gallolee, Colinton(226048)

7 Steels Place, Morningside(225920)

Argyle Park Terrace, Marchmont(225852)

Richmond Terrace, Dalry(225787)

84 Dundas Street, New Town(225686)

8/6 Sienna Gardens, Marchmont(225581)

Summerside Place, Trinity(225529)

North Castle Street, New Town(225468)

Dalry Road, Dalry(225356)

55 2F2 Arden Street, Marchmont(225219)

Crescent House, Bruntsfield Crescent, Bruntsfield(224998)

537/1 Lanark Road, Juniper Green(224728)

Lawnmarket, Old Town(224544)

Eyre Crescent, New Town(224300)

Caledonian Place, Dalry(224149)

Cheyne Street, Stockbridge(223848)

James Court, City Centre(223615)

Comely Bank Road, Comely Bank(223499)

Morningside Drive, Morningside(223172)

20/5 Howe Street, New Town(223065)

Elbe Street, Leith(222649)

Atholl Crescent Lane, West End(222529)

18A Heriot Row, New Town(222388)

Murrayfield Gardens, City Centre(221868)

Ritchie Place, Polwarth(221025)

Granton Road, Trinity(220912)

Cheval Old Town Chambers, Old Town(220670)

Cheval Old Town Chambers, Old Town(220649)

Cheval Old Town Chambers, Old Town(220623)

Cheval Old Town Chambers, Old Town(220599)

Cheval Old Town Chambers, Old Town(220577)

Cheval Old Town Chambers, Old Town(220551)

Cheval Edinburgh Grand, New Town(220524)

Cheval Edinburgh Grand, City Centre(220497)

Cheval Old Town Chambers, Old Town(220446)

Forbes Road, Bruntsfield(219715)

The Kingsford Residence, Broughton(219681)

The Kingsford Residence, Broughton(219575)

The Kingsford Residence, Broughton(219503)

The Kingsford Residence, Broughton(219466)

Watson Crescent, Fountainbridge(218347)

Ugstonrigg Cottage, Haddington, East Lothian(215797)

Bonnington Road, Leith(215434)

Jeffrey Street, City Centre(215257)

Albany Street, New Town(126119)