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Duncan Place, Leith Links(181262)

The Kingsford Residence, Broughton(181072)

The Kingsford Residence, Broughton(181073)

The Kingsford Residence, Broughton(181074)

The Kingsford Residence, Broughton(181075)

Murrayfield Gardens, City Centre(180941)

St Giles Street, Old Town(180887)

Moray Place, New Town(180785)

Leopold Place, Hillside(180661)

Alva Street, West End(180612)

Barnyard Park Rigg, Gyle(180482)

Sienna Gardens, Marchmont(180389)

Inverleith Terrace, Inverleith(180261)

Rennie`s Isle, The Shore(180111)

Warrender Park Road, Marchmont(180058)

Cowgatehead, Old Town(180003)

North West Circus Place, Stockbridge(179871)

Kings Stables Road, City Centre(179846)

St Colme Street, West End(179682)

Montpelier Park, Bruntsfield(179235)

Blair Street, Old Town(179191)

Heron Place, Granton(179065)

South Oxford Street, Newington(178946)

West Savile Terrace, Newington(178899)

West Ferryfield, Fettes(178773)

Spottiswoode Street, Marchmont(178717)

The Park, Holyrood Road, Holyrood(178703)

Dalry Road, Dalry(178610)

Donaldson Drive, West End(178581)

Donaldson Drive, West End(178556)

Lauriston Farm Road, Cramond(178200)

Albany Street, New Town(178148)

Marchmont Crescent, Marchmont(178096)

Granville Terrace, City Centre(178048)

Castle Terrace, Old Town(178020)

South Oxford Street, Newington(177927)

Grosvenor Crescent, West End(177877)

Eglinton Crescent, West End(177828)

Watson Crescent, Polwarth(177669)

Torphichen Place, Haymarket(177616)

Perth Road, Dundee(177433)

Craiglea Drive, Morningside(177309)

Comely Bank Avenue, Comely Bank(176722)

Circus Lane, New Town(176696)

Dalry Road, Dalry(176574)

Drummond Place, New Town(176536)

Fettes Rise, Fettes(176483)

Royal Circus, New Town(176236)

Atholl Place, New Town(176132)

Rankeillor Street, Newington(176035)

Balmoral Place, Stockbridge(175985)

Grosvenor Crescent, West End(175937)

Grosvenor Crescent, West End(175874)

Palmerston Place, West End(175823)

Huntingdon Place, Bellevue(175773)

Dunbars Close, Old Town(175746)

Smithfield Street, Gorgie(175600)

Morrison Street, City Centre(175479)

Constitution Street, Leith(175468)

Brandon Terrace, Canonmills(175007)

Caledonian Place, Dalry(174903)

Arden Street, Marchmont(174890)

Great King Street, New Town(174770)

Boat Green, Canonmills(174687)

Canaan Lane, Morningside(174453)

Sandport Way, The Shore(173892)

Comiston Drive, Comiston(173879)

Orchard Brae Gardens, Orchard Brae(173752)

Leven Terrace, The Meadows(173579)

Dirleton Avenue, North Berwick(173425)

Buckingham Terrace, West End(173004)

Blair Street, Old Town(172614)

Garscube Terrace, Murrayfield(172481)

Old Fishmarket Close, Old Town(172284)

Lutton Place, Newington(172173)

William Street, West End(171992)

Dundas Street, New Town(171871)

St Marys Street, Old Town(171796)

Queensferry Street, West End(171770)

Howe Street, New Town(171661)

Granton Road, Trinity(171254)

Deanston Drive, Glasgow(171127)

Bonnington Avenue, Bonnington(170956)

Bruntsfield Place, Bruntsfield(170839)

Hope Terrace, Grange(169150)

The Murrays Brae, Gilmerton(168935)

Sinclair Gardens, Gorgie(168605)

West Preston Street, Newington(168498)

McDonald Road, Leith Walk(168481)

George Street, City Centre(167517)

Castle Terrace, City Centre(167425)

Hugh Miller Place, Stockbridge(166328)

Stafford Street, West End(166167)

Dublin Street, New Town(166079)

South Gayfield Lane, New Town(165361)

Littlejohn Avenue, Morningside(165203)

South Gayfield Lane, New Town(165058)

Argyle Park Terrace, Marchmont(164139)

Allanfield, Hillside(153926)

Church Hill, Morningside(139244)

Dublin Street, New Town(139243)

Albany Street, New Town(126119)

Boat Green, Canonmills(112188)