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Citylets Quarterly Report.

11 January 2017:

Average rents in Edinburgh stand at £984 per month, up 3.6% Year on Year (YOY). Less than the circa 6% recorded in recent quarters, it is probable that this represents a seasonal cooling given average TTLs remain at a speedy 17 and 21 days for the large 1 and 2 bed markets respectively. It is however fair to believe that the circa 6% growth rate will necessarily cool at some point as tenants’ budgets are stretched ever further in the capital.

“Again in Q4 of 2016 there has been high demand for all levels of rental properties across the spectrum and with the time to let and average rent remaining both low and strong respectively. The market continues to strengthen with demand exceeding supply, a problem which the government must look to address in the early part of 2017. This being said we are still seeing a strong appetite for investor landlords or those looking to let their existing assets and we expect this to continue well into 2017.” (Jamie Kerr of Ben Property)

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